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Full stack web application enthusiast, running the web standards marathon


isomorphism, react, baobab, and git a "flux"
True isomorphic apps with React and Baobab
angular, components, react, and flux
The great Angular component experiment
javascript, flux, and baobab
Plant a Baobab tree in your flux application
Think twice about ES6 classes
javascript and reactjs
Creating a workflow with WebPack
javascript and flux
An alternative render strategy with flux and React JS
javascript, angularjs, and flux
Using FLUX with Angular JS, revisited
React JS and a browserify workflow, PART 2
javascript and FLUX
My experiences building a FLUX application
javascript and FLUX
Nailing that validation with React JS
javascript and FLUX
Is it possible to use the FLUX architecture with Angular JS?
jQuery as a framework, could that work?
reactjs and node
Choosing the correct packaging tool for React JS
React JS and FLUX
React JS and a browserify workflow
Why javascript inheritance is so difficult to understand
javascript, json, and node
JSON as data structure between browser and server
Delegated drag and drop for Backbone
CSS: Stretching correctly with 100%
javascript and css
Always progress progressbar
browser and node
Video on middleend concepts
backbone and node
Validating cross client/server with Backbone

Current occupation

FunFridge AS

A friend and me started a company to handle administration and development on the JSFridge project and other projects. I am available for hire to present concepts, experiences with developing web applications and general development.


jFlux is a unidirectional framework that gives the functionality of React JS components in a much simpler syntax, and includes framework concepts like a router and state handling. If you build complex web applications with Backbone JS, this is definitialy worth some of your time ;-)

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JSFridge (Alpha)

A service that merges the experience of video education with fiddle services. Creating a new way of learning frontend web code in the browser.

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A module loader that lets you expose private methods only during testing.

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A test plugin for grunt that lets you test your code with different testrunners, both in the browser and Node. Results appear and refresh instantly in your browser, also Node tests.

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Backbone drag&drop delegation

A plugin to Backbone JS that allows you to handle drag and drop like other delegated events.

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